Beers and Careers - the B&K story so far

When we started out in 2013 with our first Brewpub in Portsmouth we wanted to create a place where people could become inspired by the world of beer.

Each of our Brewpubs have a microbrewery onsite paired with one of our talented brewers who masterfully works the brewery whilst our guests sit, watch and drink the beer that was made for them just a few ft. away. Guests are taken into our world of hops, brewing and beers to really experience what it is like to be a true crafter of the best drink in the world.

We also pair our beers with our fresh, and classically inspired dishes, and some genuine, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable people, who not only educate our guests in all things beer, but ensure they return again and again.

When it comes to our people, our ethos is very much the same. In a world where hospitality careers are known to be short lived, or perhaps a “fill in job”​, we aim to inspire those who work for us, to believe in our industry as a credible profession and long term career.

Whether you are in the kitchen, front of house, managing, or in that brewery for 10 or 50 hours a week, we develop you to be the expert of your trade. Our transparent progression programmes, and mastery training sessions, ensure our teams are the very best they can be whilst the passion for great beer, for fabulous food and for genuine hospitality is threaded through all levels of our organisation.

Our Mission

Crafting people and future experience, one brewpub at a time.
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