We think apprenticeships are a great opportunity to learn and develop and gain highly recognised qualifications whilst earning a wage! In 2017 we launched our Up! Management development program which is a Level 3 apprenticeship for our rising star managers across Brewhouse and Kitchen. The program develops our learners in HR, Project Management, Finance and Operations whilst developing key leaderships skills. This program has been a lot of hard work, and at times stressful, but we can really see how our Up candidates have grown over this time and some have taken the next step in their careers already.

Here are some of the other apprenticeships we run at Brewhouse and Kitchen

Yes Chef; This is a level 2 commis chef apprenticeship. You will learn some amazing culinary skills, and attend workshops in Fish mongering, Butchery, Cooking with beer, Bread and Pastry making. The program is 12-14 months in total, and you will have the opportunity to cook speciality dishes on our specials menu and take part in cooking for some of our company events like the Brewball (yes you will join for a beer after).

Plate Up!: This program is for our Sous Chefs who aspire to reach a Head Chef position within 12 months. On this program you will learn leadership skills, communication skills, our ethos behind food development and financial acumen.

CRAFT. This is a level 2 apprenticeship for our front of house teams. This apprenticeship will take you through all the areas FOH developing you into our managers of the future. You will undertake foundation workshops in Customer Care, Wine, Beer and Cellar, Cocktails and Mixology and Barista skills. After completing these 5 workshops you will then go on to complete our own B&K specialist courses to master your knowledge even further.

Brewers Academy. This program is an intensive 18 months of learning all there is to do with Brewing. After 6 months of the program we expect you to land your own brewery in the business. We have had much success with growing our brewers through this highly prestigious course. Don’t delay an application developing to be a brewer is your aspiration. We take in learners every 6 months at B&K.

All of our apprenticeships are paid at as per the standard B&K rates. We do not pay the lower apprenticeship rates to our team. In return we ask our apprentices to give 100% to what they are learning and master their knowledge.

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