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Our General Managers have full ownership of their businesses and are empowered to go above and beyond our brand to deliver a Brewpub and team that is at the heart of their communities. They are employed to lead the management team to reaching their full potential and inspire creative thought and implementation to deliver world class results.

Our General Manager behaviours

  • Bravery – When our GMS have a great Idea they run with it!
  • Champion emerging talent – They know that a resilient and high performing business is impossible without great people. They are always looking to back future talent and progress people within their team.
  • Craft their community – our managers know how to connect with their communities building unique events and experiences bespoke to their markets. They build their businesses for the people

The Induction

Length – 5 weeks

Location – In your area training site

Your first day is in Head Office completing that important day 1 paperwork, learning the culture and enjoying a spot of lunch with our founding directors. You will also get a chance to sample our beer and start your journey to becoming a beer specialist.

The next 4 and a half weeks are about learning the brand, systems and processes that will help you run a smooth business. You will be trained in one of our training sites and also spend time with our audit and sales teams to gain in-depth knowledge on how we operate.

You will also be set a project during your induction which includes a sales plan which you will present at the end of your training.

Ongoing learning and development

As a GM at Brewhouse and Kitchen you are treated as a key part of the leadership team. Your development is about being involved in key projects and decisions not only for your Brewpub but for the wider brand.

There are a wide variety of courses available for our GMs from technical skills to leadership development programs.

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