Our Kitchen teams are uncompromising to our standards and stop at nothing to ensure an exceptional guest experience. They understand they are part of a wider team and ensure that communication is clear and precise at all times.

Our Kitchen Behaviours

Integrity – You do what is right even when it isn’t easy.

Fun – You bring the best you to work, and smile even when the going gets tough

Passion – You want to learn and develop and master your role

Guest First – Although you are not directly facing guests, you understand how integral your role is to ensuring an exception guest experience

The Induction

Length – 2 weeks

Location – 2 weeks (full time equivalent)

Your first day is completing that important paperwork with your manager. You will then go through a 10 shift plan taking you around each area of the kitchen ending up on the pass plating up with the Head Chef. You will also have access to FLOW our e-learning system in which you will gain nationally recognised certificates in food safety.

Ongoing learning and development

As a Kitchen at Brewhouse and Kitchen we offer a variety of courses for you to master your skills and develop towards the next step in your career. This includes nationally recognised apprenticeships.

For our Commis chefs and CDPs you will be able to gain valuable experience on your “Yes Chef” program. You will learn some amazing culinary skills, and attend workshops in Fish mongering, butchery, cooking with beer, bread and pastry making. The program is 12-14 months in total, and you will have the opportunity to cook speciality dishes on our specials menu and take part in cooking for some of our company events like the Brewball.

Plate Up! Is our bespoke program for our Sous Chefs giving them the communication and management skills to move them from a technical role into a role where they are tasked with managing and leading teams. For our Sous Chefs commitment to their development we expect them to be able to be running their own kitchen within 12 months of starting this program.

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